Category 8 – Art/Pictorial

Carol Byrnes, Hermoine, 54”x54”
Original Design: Photo with permission
From photo by Nicole Buckley of her cat Hermoine and used with permission. Photo stylized using photo apps and digitally painted. Printed on Minky fabric by Spoonflower. Free motion quilted.

Carol Byrnes, Modern Jon Snow, 18”x24”
Original Design
A Challenge to design a Modern quilt inspired by a photo. I used Helen Goddens painting techniques on a line drawing dividing areas. Free motion quilted.

Cass Bowen, Dream Big, 18”x17.5”
Original Design

Cass Bowen, Piggy Prayers, 22.75”x25.5”
Original Design
I used an anonymous quote on a plaque to create my own design for this quilt.

Debi Webb, Arches, 40”x39”
Original Design inspired by the National Park: Arches.
A trip out west to visit National Parks was the inspiration for this design. The rock formations in Utah are fascinating.  Made from batik fabrics, applique-pieced, machine quilted.

Delores Simpson, Pebble Beach, 14”x7.5”
Original Design inspired by memories of a beach in Oceania County, MI.
This is a narrow strip of beach in Michigan where my family likes to go rock hunting during summer vacations.

Delores Simpson, Upper Peninsula 2020, 14”x11”
Original Design
I went on a quilting retreat to Michigan’s UP with 4 friends. We stayed in a rustic cabin on the shore of Lake Superior. This quilt is made from a photo I took of our strip of beach. Good times!

Denise A. Collado, Seaside Park, NJ Housewarming: for Beth, 64”x58”
Original Design inspired by: Family photos/art quilt of beach
Quilter: Cheryl Szynkowski

Ellen S Simon, Bloom in the Window, 15.5”x18”
Original Design inspired by Photo by permission of Jerome Bloom
Monochromatic color study.  The glass blocks were created by carving a rubber stamp and stamping onto metallic fabric for sheen.

Ellen S Simon, Kvitzie, 14”x16”
Original Design inspired by photo of my sister-in-law’s dog
A gift for my sister-in-law who feeds me when I visit family in Arizona.  Her pit bull, Kvitzie, is amazingly sweet.  Sadly, Kvitzie passed away before I delivered the portrait.

Ellen Simon, Leaf Celebration, 22”x24”
Original Design
I created  four mini quilts and strung them together with necklace parts and beads.  The negative space between the units creates a frame for each.

Ellen S Simon, Potted Plant / Neutral Color Study, 14”x20”
Original Design
First in a series of color studies.

Elva Farrell, Loretta, 41”x33” 
Original Design inspired by a photo of Loretta.
My first attempt at graffiti quilting, replicating a photo of daughter, Loretta, on a birding outing on Sarasota Bay, spring 2018, on one of her last trips to Florida.


Elva Farrell, Memories, 45”x50”
Original Design
Replication of a friend’s sewing patterns. This is the second of these quilts I have made; the first was my high school patterns, a generation earlier.

Erlinda Rejino, A Different Kind of Tri-Color, 29”x20”
Original Design
In my “Tiny Art Group” we picked a picture, that one of us took, to interpret in our own medium. The group includes two water colorists, an abstract artist and me…..

Jacqui Fitzgerald, Connecting with Nature, 75”x24”
Original Design: Block Pattern – Flying Geese
This quilt design was greatly influenced by my love for Native American culture while living in Arizona.  I used the color of the desert and flying geese pattern to represent the essence of life flowing and moving in the sand.  For large triangles, I painted the indigenous people in memories of their times past.


Jann Warfield, 2020, 18”x24”
Original Design
We all saw it. We all know it. The name of the quilt is “2020”. That’s all I have to say.

Jann Warfield, Back At Ya, 48”x37”
Original Design
Hand appliqued, machine quilted figure study sketches mounted on a display background. The back studies of the male and female form mimic sketches made in a figure study class.

Jann Warfield, Mourning the Small Town Lost in the Hungry City, 36”x41”
Original Design inspired by my photos of downtown Sarasota buildings
The quaint buildings of the past are overwhelmed by the large concrete and glass cubes of development. The small town of my youth has been lost in this developing city.

Joan Calarco, Burst of Pink, 18.5”x17”
Original Design Inspiration from photo taken at Marie Selby Gardens
I took a course in Jan. with Ellen Lindner which taught me to me interpret a photo and transform it into an art quilt. This is my second original art quilt.

KK, Emerald Lady, 16”x20”
Original Design
This small pieced quilt was made for my cardiologist for his retirement where he will sail away in his Emerald Lady.

KK, Florida Treasure Hunt, 27”x29”
Original Design
SMQG fabric challenge was pieced (in a campground/Featherweight!) using Marcia Derse fabric and embellished with embroidery and buttons depicting all the spots spent RV camping in Florida.

Kate Morrow, Circle in a Square, 16”x15”
Original Design
This was a Laura Wasilowski class at FKQG. The hand-dyed fabrics were the class kit. The lesson was on fusing, and the entire quilt is fused then edge stitched and  quilted. The design is mine. This was a fun and inspiring class!

Linda Swanson, A Bloom to Beat the Blahs, 43”x42”
Original Design
Gems of the Prairie Quilt Guild in Peoria, Illinois issued a “Winter Blahs? Not Me!” challenge to use the gray batik fabric.  I added my own hand-dyed fabrics.

Linda Swanson, This Daisy’s Got The Blues!, 48”x55”
Original Design inspired by: A beautiful photo of a Gerbera daisy taken by our friend Sam.
Quilter: Linda Swanson
This quilt missed being in the FKQG 2019 show because it was selected for a special exhibit,  In Full Bloom at the Houston and Chicago International Quilt Shows.

Maggie Dillon, Summer Tomatoes, 48”x37”
Original Designed inspired by a Family Photo.
My great grandfather was an avid gardener. He would pick tomatoes and eat them right there like an apple.

Maggie Dillon, Through her Voice, 30”x50”
Original Design inspired by a Netflix documentary about Nina Simone performing Mississippi Goddamn.
Nina Simone was a Civil Rights Activist, encouraging social change and amplifying the voice of black people and black women in particular. In 1965, she performed at the protest marches from Selma to Montgomery with civil rights anthems.

Maggie Dillon, Uncles Playing Marbles, 32”x42”
Original Design inspired by a Family photo.
Based on a photo taken around the year 1910, this piece celebrates family history of two little boys playing marbles in Illinois.

Rose Kelley, The Big Noise from Scottville, 80”x60”
Original Design inspired by  Actual Scottville Clown Band musicians
Quilter: Doris Lucas in Michigan… a real challenge for her.
Each deeply 3D block quite accurately represents a musician in the Scottville (MI) Clown Band.  I collected hundreds of bits of materials for hair, costumes, and accessories for Miss Piggy, the Stripper, Santa Claus, and 67 others.  It hangs in a museum in Ludington, Michigan.

Rose Kelley, Strings Attached, 40”x60”
Original Design inspired by Googling guitar quilts
These guitars represent those of Django Rheinhart, Les Brown, my design, and a few of my son-in-law.  I made it for my son-in-law, but the “stings attached” refers to the fact that it hangs in MY house until I die!

Sharon Bourque, Dancing Feeds our Soul, 10”x14”
Original Design:
Made for a Paint Chip Challenge at Guild where it had to represent something about our personality or what was important in our life.  My husband and I have been ballroom dancing together since before we were married 47 years ago.  You will note that I have machine quilted all things dancing in the background.  We live in Northern Ontario Canada but travelled to Ballroom Dance Camp in the USA for 1 week every summer for 10 years and met many wonderful USA dancers who we now count as cherished friends.

Sharon Bourque, True to Our World, 20.5”x20.5”
Original Design: Fabric interpretation of a Painting with permission
Fabric interpretation of a painting with permission by a Canadian Painter Angela Morgan.  Class given at our Guild.  Techniques are raw edged Applique, Fusing and Machine Quilting.