Category 7 – Art/Expressive

Debi  Webb, Derecho, 31”x48”
Original Design
Inspired by a road trip through Iowa in 2020, a powerful derecho flattened corn and soybean crops right after we passed through. Machine pieced and applipieced.

Debi Webb, Blue Shards, 36”x44”
Original Design
This was made from scraps that didn’t make it into another quilt. Shards of glass are set in a pattern of movement.

Ellen Simon, Castor Oil Plant, 17”x20”
Original Design
This quilt was designed in a one day class with Jane Sassaman.  I used my favorite color triad set on a background of black and white prints.

Erlinda Rejino, Asian Mitosis, 32”x48”
Original Design
I was experimenting with the stack and whack method and had several hexagons to play with. The blue/black design popped on the red background so I just kept adding hexagons.

Jean Freestone, KICK COVID, 15”x31”
Original Design inspired by Pat Paula Improvisational 2015 class
For our UFO Challenge I finished an improvisational piece from a Pat Paula class.  It became a sign of the times then later reworked to make the message clearer!!! Can you hear me now?

Joan Calarco, Hibiscus in my Garden, 19.5”x17.5”
Original Design  inspired by Ellen Lindner’s Jan class in creating quilts using an inspirational photo.
This was my first attempt at creating an art quilt using an inspirational photo as my guide.

Pam Morris, First Piece, 26”x26”
Original Design inspired by my hand printed fabrics class with Pat Pauly.
First time I used my hand printed fabrics in a piece, only 2 fabrics used.

Pam Morris, Stash Jazz, 72”x70”
Pattern: Carole Lyles Shaw
I sew my scraps together to create blanks and I found this class to use those blanks to make an interesting quilt.

Peg Green, Bird Priestess Dancing, 14”x20”
Original Design
Inspired by figurines from ancient Crete of dancing women wearing Crowns of Birds. I imagine them as soul sisters moved by the holy spirit. My piecing and top-stitching follow the rhythm of the dancer.

Peg Green, Earth Mother, 10”x12”
Original Design
I was inspired by the classic Venus of Willendorf figurine, a tiny (4 inches tall) Paleolithic masterpiece carved from limestone 30 thousand years ago.

Peg Green, Imagination, 14”x19”
Original Design
Here’s a portrait of an imagination a-swirl with ideas – bright, wild, chaotic, exciting, a fun place to play, and sometimes exhausting.

Peg Green, Moondance, 14”x14”
Original Design
I hope this makes you want to shake the earth with dancing. The background is machine pieced, the dancer and shock waves are fused and machine-stitched.

Peg Green, She Drums the World to Life, 20”x22”
Original Design
Machine-pieced, free-motion stitched, hand appliqued. I made this after I took a class in hand-drumming, fell in love with the pulsing, pounding rhythms that feel magical, otherworldly, and yet intimate like my own heartbeat.

Peg Green, Star Catcher, 14”x13”
Original Design
Will she catch that falling star? For me, the answer is absolutely Yes! What do you think?


Sandy Myers, Curvalicious, 60.5”x75”
Original Design which started as a Stack and Whack quilt
Quilter: Peg Normandin
This quilt started as a stack and whack quilt and when I placed it on the design wall it took on another perspective. I added a background and altered the edges. Then it took on a life of it’s own!