Category 6 – Miniature

Brenda Wathier, Itty Bitty Pinwheels, 10”x10”
Pattern: Lil’ Twister
When I finished this little one, I said, “Boy, don’t think I’ll do this again!” Then, I found another one that I had done with the same pattern!!  Imagine that!

Joy Abbott, Feathers All Around, 15”x13”
Pattern: Zen Chic Free pattern
This paper pieced free pattern was great for the scraps left from the quilt of the same color.  I enjoyed quilting the “shadow feathers” to see how they would work.

Joy Abbott, Tiny Stars, 15”x13”
Original Design
I was interested in how small an English Paper Piecing project could be before it would drive me crazy.  This is the limit for me!


KK, Corona Hearts, 11”x16”
Original Design
I wanted to make something pretty and fun in isolation, drew up some tiny funky heart blocks and paper pieced using all batik scraps.

Rebecca Yoder, Around the Garden in Miniature, 12”x9”
Original Design
This quilt was made from my collection of Aunt Grace’s 30’s reproduction fabrics. Hand appliqued and hand quilted.