dCategory 10 – Other

Ann Greene, A Day at the Zoo, 28”x57”
Pattern: Machine Embroidered Disk
Purchased kit was many different furry pieces of fabrics for each animal. I changed a little of the framing and only made certain sections instead of the entire quilt. It is going to our new great grandson Riley in Rhode Island. It was a fun quilt to do.

Evelyn Fudge, My Favorite Bird:  Cardinals in Flight,
Pattern: Rail Run by Kari Nichols
Quilter: Lynn Yates
My love of Cardinals continues. Decorates my living room all winter.  My first excursion with hubby helping to find the perfect colors.

Jacqui Fitzgerald, Another Time, 53”x63”
Original Design inspired by Vintage Machine Embroidery – Viking
The center blocks were machine embroidery using an old computer program disc  mixing the vintage children and flowers designs.  To enhance the major white fabric used in this quilt, 2″ squares were used to make the borders and intersection blocks.


Marcia Slocum, Christmas Midnight Meeting, 41”x46”
Pattern: Panel by David Textiles
Loved this Christmas picture panel and my grandkids do too!

Marcia Slocum, Harvest Moon, 38”x31”
Original Design inspired by: Panel by Grace Popp for Studio e Fabrics
A quick and fun decoration for Halloween.

Marcia Slocum, Jack is Back!, 36”x46”
Pattern: Disney-Camelot Fabrics panel
A simple panel quilt made for a friend who loves celebrating Halloween!

Rebecca Ivey, Santa’s Workshop, 33.5”x26.5”
Pattern: Donna Gelsinger
Thirty-two blocks individually machine embroidered in grayscale, with exquisite detail. Each block is then pieced together and then machine quilted.

Rebecca Ivey, Starry Night Santa, 25.5”x33”
Pattern: Donna Gelsinger
Thirty-two squares machine embroidered with unbelievable colored shading. Squares are then pieced together for the full picture. Batting and backing are added  and then machine quilted.

Rebecca Ivey, Vintage Tin, 63”x68”
Pattern: Crabapple Hill
Design converted to digital machine stitch with added personalized digital elements. Pieced using various cotton fabrics. Machine quilted.


Rosalie Clarke, Baltimore Elegance, 40”x50”
Pattern: Elly Sienkiewicz
I embroidered the design blocks and stitched them together, added the sawtooth border and machine quilted the quilt.

Sarah Zimmerman, My Favorite Trucks, 42”x36”
Pattern: Purchased Panel of Tonka Trucks
Just for fun, I quilted this panel for my 2 year old great nephew. His favorite toys have been trucks and “diggers”. He loves to play in the dirt.

Sharon Bourque, Busy Little Christmas Elves, 56”x56”
Pattern: Pattern by Gail Pan Designs from Australia
Quilter: Sharon Bourque
Pieced & Redwork stitching; I did all the Piecing and Machine quilting; I Machine Quilted all little Christmas holly in the borders; I collected red fabrics for a while and worried about all the different shades but they all played very well together. I started it in the Spring of 2010 and finished it in December 2011. It was shown at my Guild’s Quilts on the Rocks Show in 2012.

Susan Arndt, Holiday Sampler, 54”x63”
Pattern: Tis the Season by Chi Chi Quilt Designs (Canada)
The pattern intrigued me. It included piecing, appliqué, embroidery, “postage stamp” pieced sashing, and it seemed to require imaginative quilting . It was a challenging adventure.

Suzanne Laroche, Speedy, 66”x69”
Pattern: 1000 words
Quilter: Neil Hargreaves
Made my first panel. Passed the test with flying colors as my grandson immediately lay down to hug the cars once he saw it. Hard to color match buying fabric online.