Our Charity focus for 2022 is Quilts for Tidewell Hospice.

Tips and Suggestions

Quilts for Tidewell Hospice – Please refer to these guidelines when making quilts for Tidewell Hospice patients.

Sizes:  36” x 48” or 48” x 60” or any size in between.  These quilts are meant to be used as lap quilts or thrown across the foot of the bed to provide cheer and comfort.

Hospice patients are all ages so any fabrics or themes may be used.  I would assume the majority of their patients are older so more generic fabrics to fit any age or sex would be good.

Cheerful bright or soft colors in all cotton fabrics are preferred.

Low loft batting quilted at least as densely as the manufacturer recommends.

Machine quilting and binding.

No embellishments (buttons, fringe, lace, invisible thread).

These quilts are meant to be used and should withstand washing in hot water.

All quilts need a label.  Labels can be picked up at the Friendship Knot monthly meetings from Cass Bowen or Suzy Weinbach.  A label template is also available on the website.

Quilts may be turned in at any guild meeting.  If unable to attend or send with a friend, contact Cass Bowen at [email protected] or Suzy Weinbach at [email protected] for other delivery arrangements.

Have fun making these quilts.  They will certainly cheer someone up!

Quilt Labels to Print


KidzQuilts – An ongoing Charity Focus

KiDZQuilts Guidelines

KIDZQUILTS Label Template – Print your own or contact Joy Abbott ([email protected]) to receive some in the mail

We will update this page when we are able to meet and work together.


Placemats for Meals on Wheels – our 2021 Charity Focus

Charity - Placemats

With the collection of placemats at the December guild meeting, our 2021 placemat project is completed. The project has been so well received by the membership that we quickly surpassed our initial goal of 800 placemats for Sarasota Meals on Wheels. During the month of December 2021, Elva Farrell delivered a total of 1128 placemats; 700 to Sarasota Meals on Wheels, 200 to Venice Mobile Meals, 36 to Second Heart Homes and 192 to Manatee Meals on Wheels. We received thank you notes from several of the recipients.  Venice Area Mobile Meals wrote, “The holiday gifts are works of art, made by generous people.”
Thank you to all of the guild members who so generously gave their time to make placemats. The placemats were well received, as witnessed by the letters and notes received, and by the smiles on the faces of volunteers who accepted our donation.     


 Fidget Quilts – Our 2019-2020 Charity Focus

A Fidget Quilt, or activity blanket, is a lap quilt that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless hands of someone with Alzheimer’s and/or other forms of dementia. The quilt should have items that can be fiddled with. This could be zippers, ties, cords, ribbon, rick-rack, Velcro, lace, etc. Velcro seems to be a favorite as you can manipulate it as well as hear it. The most important part of the quilt is a variety of textures. Consider using different fabrics such as minky, knits, corduroy, and/or satin. Whatever you put on it, be sure everything is securely attached and will survive numerous washings and dryings. These busy blankets are perfect for using up your scraps from projects that are finished. Those oddball supplies that are just hanging around and not doing much in your sewing room but taking up space can be put to good use here! Your quilt top will need to be approximately the size of an oversized placemat – or really any size that will fit across your lap, and not drag on the floor. Around a fat quarter or 18’ x 20” would be good. Feel free to customize this to what you have on hand – there is no “right” size here! These little quilts could also be made with a strip of Velcro along one edge so it can be attached to a walker.

Contact Person: Cass Bowen at [email protected] 


KIDZQUILTS Label Template – Print your own or contact Joy Abbott ([email protected]) to receive some in the mail
  • We will update this page when we are able to meet and work together.

Shelter Bed Buddy/Pet Beds

Jane Sanks, Coordinator

The beds consist of a liner which is stuffed at our workshops, sewn closed and then placed into a cover with a Velcro closure. For 2018, our total is 1014 shelter beds.

Please join us at one of our workshops. We cannot make enough beds to meet demand.  Workshop dates are usually the Friday of the week we have our Guild meetings.

You may always call me to make certain of the date. We would love to have you join us.

We meet from 1 to 3 pm at the American Red Cross facility on the north end of Cantu Court in Sarasota.

You may call me for more information: Jane Sanks (941) 923-4240 or (941) 726-2849. If you prefer, you could also send an email to [email protected]