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David Owen Hastings

David Owens Hastings

August 20, 2022

Starting with a favorite work of art, develop your own unique modern quilt design. Be inspired by shapes, colors, structure, or the feeling you get and design a block or whole quilt with an eye on modern minimalism.


6 hours: Bring your own photo of a work of art, and we will explore the many ways you can take inspiration from it to develop your own quilt block or full quilt design. We will break down the image to its most basic elements, create a rough drawing, then start building a test block using improv techniques. David will demonstrate sewing curves without pins, and without fear. A PDF materials and supplies list will be emailed in advance.

This workshop is a 6-hour live-stream event, conducted on Zoom, consisting of live instruction (no recording, please). You should have the current version of Zoom installed on your computer or laptop. Guidance for getting started will be sent in advance of the workshop.


  • Experiment with different elemental geometric shapes, including gentle curves
  • Explore spare, simple compositions for a modern look
  • Think about figure and ground
  • Consider the sewing lines as a key design element
  • Select one work of art, and bring 1-2 photocopies of it to class
  • Break the artwork down into elemental blocks
  • Assess which blocks work well, and choose one to translate into fabric
  • Discuss color and value choices and decide on a palette
  • Map out pieces for one composition
  • Label and cut out cardboard pattern pieces, or cut pieces improv style
  • Audition colors and placement
  • Translate pattern pieces into fabric, leaving a generous amount of extra fabric for seam allowances
  • Build composition improv style, trying out multiple fabrics, stepping back to assess the effect of each
  • Discuss surface design options: stitching by machine or hand, painting, drawing
  • Watch a demo of facing a quilt for a modern look and joining finished quilt blocks

I will provide full hands-on instructions in class. Bring 1-2 photocopies of your art inspiration, and we’ll create a new work inspired by your selection. This is an all-levels workshop. Basic knowledge of machine piecing is helpful, but not necessary. We will learn together!

For more about David, please visit www.davidowenhastings.com or follow @davidowenhastings on Instagram.

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